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Thank You…Thank You….Thank You

Adrian, Enjoy a well deserved year sabbatical.

Adrian Stone, my partner in Investors Org, has decided to take a year off and focus on his private projects. I am incredibly grateful to Adrian who joined me from the start as we built an amazing private investor group of friends and explored the exciting world of start-up investments. We had so much fun. Whether hosting Silicon Valley superstars, catching up for our weekly Coffee chats, hosting events at PwC to conquering Sydney as you can see in the photo above. Adrian you’re a star. Thank you.

Moving forward and now as exclusive owner of the IO Private Investor Showcase Platform,, I am working really hard to bring it to life and extremely excited with the traction the platform is gaining. 

In the next newsletter I will share my insights on the IO Private platform and my journey so far including my vision on where I hope to support the start-up investment industry. In the meantime I welcome any feedback, support and opportunities. Simply email me –



Vittail Ltd – Vittail develops novel therapeutics for viral and non-viral related cancers.

To learn more about Vittail Ltd and access the other opportunities listed on the IO Platform, click here. Please reply to this email if this is your first time logging in. 

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Saving Point

Established in 2002, Saving Point’s main areas of specialisation are Customs Duty Advisory, Government Grants and Freight Advisory.

What do you like about assisting entrepreneurs?

Seeing happy smiles when boot strapped entrepreneurs receive government grants!!!!

Being able to see the results and how the funding we can find helps a business grow. Some of our team have been involved in grants and incentives for a long time, working with the bigger corporates you don’t always get to see that happen.

Variety is spice of business life too.

We get to see a lot of very different businesses doing very different things. Having variety like that as part of your job just makes life more interesting.

What are 3 tips you would always recommend?

Paperwork is worth its weight in gold!

Document your intentions and how you go about achieving it. It doesn’t matter what grant your applying for; your documentation is going to play a big part in your being successful in your application.

Get expert advice early!

Get advice to make sure you don’t rule out opportunities further down the track, be that with your company structure, how you document what you’re doing, how to track your costs, etc.

Stay Calm, Keep Claiming!

Act early – the sooner you action an application, the more likely it is you’ll be able to maximise the opportunity.



This week Brian participated in the StartUp Summit which was a fantastic virtual conference hosted by Knowledge Melbourne and Startup Victoria. I got a bit excited and offered to include some quality startups on our platform and the response has been amazing. Stay tuned.

IO Private is excited to build stronger relationships with Associate partners and supporting their start-ups, entrepreneurs and tech companies. And once again, we always look forward to hearing from you.

You can access the IO Private Platform here. Please reply to this email if you are having trouble logging in. Stay safe.

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