AXIchain Pty Ltd - IO Private

Linda Woodford


DD Checklist

How much total funding has your startup received


What percentage do the founders still own?


Did you develop your own technology inhouse?


What is your Annual Revenue Run Rate?

$100,000 a month with 3 major contracts covers our burn rate

What is your most important metric (name and amount)?

20% farmers for mNVD ($5m p.a) and 2.5% of beef market ($19m p.a)

Do you own Trademarks or Patents? (please list)


1969861 AXICHAIN. mNVD applied March 2072647.

AXIchain Pty Ltd

$2,000,000 AUD

Amount Being Raised

Axichain is the leading import/export commodity trading platform. Overcoming 3 key pain points. 1. Finding your next international buyer or supplier with a few click of the button reducing time and cost 2. The paperwork nightmare where fraud and failure happens and 3. The cross boarder payment problem, that is typically not open to SMEs. International commodities trade is complex and highly paper driven which is inefficient and costly. The process makes it very difficult for SMEs to participate. 1. FINDING A TRUSTED BUYER OR SUPPLIER - The due diligence process is extremely time consuming, cost thousands with no guarantee of a positive outcome of a trade. 2. COMPLEX PROCESS - PAPERWORK - 57 steps to complete an international trade and multiple complex documents per trade, a Beef commodity transaction can have 20+ documents. 3. PAYMENT & MONEY ISSUES – The global trade finance gap is ~US$ 1.5 Trillion p.a., with 60% of trade finance requests from small businesses refused by banks. Letter of Credit (LC), requires 10 steps and 4 banks which is used in over $2.3 Trillion of all trade transactions globally. 4. AUTHENTICATION TRACK & TRACE – $1.3 Billion of food lost to waste each year because of lack of modernisation, technology and innovation. Food fraud costs $65 Billion yearly according to PwC agribusiness estimates that every second kg of beef sold in China as Australian, isn’t Australian beef. 5. LOGISTIC INEFFICIENCIES – Supply chain inefficiencies cost nearly $2 Bill p.a. in the UK alone.

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