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David Power


DD Checklist

How much total funding has your startup received


What percentage do the founders still own?


Did you develop your own technology inhouse?


What is your Annual Revenue Run Rate?

What is your most important metric (name and amount)?

Property Development Applications 24000

Do you own Trademarks or Patents? (please list)


Developr Group


Amount Being Raised

Two cloud based platforms that will reduce time for due diligence for property development by 80% and reduce application preparation time by at least 20%. Accessing data currently inaccessible to the industry and providing intuitive budget guidance as well as reducing risk and improving governance. Our project management functionality for property development applications is the first of its kind. We have also created two platforms for local government, that are the first of their kind, to reduce the time required to process development applications by at least 70% and model new planning schemes. These platforms will save Councils and developers millions in direct costs. All platforms are scalable internationally .

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