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Nigel Blair


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E Agri Pte Ltd


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E Agri represents the future of farming with its indoor vertical farming technology. Developed in Australia, the system enables year-round growing of leafy green vegetables and herbs within an indoor environment. Crops are grown in a fully controlled climate receiving up to 18 hours of LED lighting and CO2 enrichment. It is capable of producing over 350 kg/m2, which is up to 30 times more productive than traditional field growing. An E Agri indoor growing facility is IoT driven and contains unique proprietary software with fully controlled climate, scalable growing modules connected by conveyors and elevators to a central planting and harvesting module, which is fully controlled by E Agri’s smart systems. The growing process is fully automated from seedling through to harvest, with further automation potential of the germination and packaging stages. We believe it will be the most advanced, efficient system and low-cost production facility on the market. E Agri’s facilities can be strategically located on the fringe of cities close to or connected into distribution centres or food processing facilities. Facilities are not constrained by soil type or climate and use over 95% less water than traditional horticulture. Produce is grown free of pesticides and herbicides and are clean and fresh to eat. Given the logistics advantages, product can be on supermarket shelves on the same day as harvest. While a facility is capital intensive, an investment payback is projected of 2-3 years.

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