Quitch - IO Private

Grainne Oates


DD Checklist

How much total funding has your startup received

$1.5m government grant + $700k angel investment

What percentage do the founders still own?


Did you develop your own technology inhouse?


What is your Annual Revenue Run Rate?


What is your most important metric (name and amount)?

Number of users, 85,000

Do you own Trademarks or Patents? (please list)


Trademarks Australia: 1759065, 1967267; Canada: 1947014 (pending); China: 1463925; EU: 018095810; Singapore: 1463925; UK: 00003414318; USA: 79257625; WIPO: 1463925.



Amount Being Raised

Reimagine online education and learner engagement with Quitch, a mobile learning platform designed to improve retention and boost performance through game-based techniques. - National and International multi-award winning mobile learning platform for education, associations and the workplace, with products represented in Australia, New Zealand, US, Brazil, Ireland and Singapore. - 380,100 potential users if Quitch were to secure licenses across all of the existing customer base, such as Kmart, TAFE, University of Sydney, Melbourne University, University of Technology Sydney etc. - Diverse and experienced team and Board, including VP of Product at Calendly (ex Head of Product at Atlasssian) Oji Udezue. - Students benefit from 7% higher grade, and universities benefit from retention increase of up to 12%. For a University of 20,000 students, a 1% increase in retention results in a saving of $3.5m/annum.

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