Taaffeite Capital Management Global Index Fund - IO Private

Howard Siow


DD Checklist

How much total funding has your startup received

What percentage do the founders still own?


Did you develop your own technology inhouse?


What is your Annual Revenue Run Rate?

What is your most important metric (name and amount)?

Annual returns since inception of 23.77%

Do you own Trademarks or Patents? (please list)


Taaffeite Capital Management Global Index Fund


Amount Being Raised

The strategy of Taaffeite Capital Management was researched over 10+ years and commenced managing investor capital in 2013. Our success is a function of our hard work and 15+ year dedication of our CIOs to develop systems that generate robust returns for our investors. Taaffeite utilizes a machine learning trading system, that takes positions opportunistically across global markets with an average holding period of 2 days. This trading strategy identifies highly-complex, persistent price patterns that are used to predict future price movements of a strategic portfolio of global indices and currencies.

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