ThankBlitz - IO Private

Anand Sridharan & Arun Kumaran


DD Checklist

How much total funding has your startup received

Looking out for seed funding

What percentage do the founders still own?


Did you develop your own technology inhouse?


What is your Annual Revenue Run Rate?


What is your most important metric (name and amount)?

User Adoption and engagement

Do you own Trademarks or Patents? (please list)




AUD $5,000,000

Amount Being Raised

In today's world, the true segmentation of user data of any application is based primarily on self fed data such as likes, dislikes, reactions and possibly interactions. However, this data doesn't reflect a continuous value system which can be measured only through positive reinforcement passed on between individuals and from businesses to individuals and vice-versa. Positive re-enforcements have to also be rewarded for adoption and continuous engagement, thereby evolving as a engagement platform between businesses and individuals and also constantly enriching and evolving as a data seed. Adoption catalysed with free NFT to begin your user journey, Engagement rewarded with Blitzcoins. Marketplace to trade the gratitude backed NFTs. Creating the true Thankanomics ecosystem

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